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APOTEK PHARMACY was founded by Ed & Mary, a husband and wife team that like many of us, grew disillusioned and tired of the terrible service & unaffordable medication prices other well established, bigger pharmacies were giving their patients. They noticed the needlessly long waits to fill prescriptions & the awful customer service the big pharmacies provide their patients. Sadden by the unacceptable and poor treatment towards patients, Ed & Mary knew that it was not difficult to treat people with respect and dignity. 

And so, the journey begins! Ed & Mary set out to open their own pharmacy. A Pharmacy where patients will not be treated as a number and would be part of the family. With the goal of giving their patients the right service, the best prices and the unbeatable service & care they knew the customers yearn for and deserve. 

"The New Standard in Pharmacy & Care is more than our slogan, it is what we set out to achieve, our goal" --Ed

"We want a pharmacy where patients look forward to visiting" --Mary


Our Philosophy is simple;

Treat our patients with honesty, care and respect, offer better prices than the rest & provide the absolute best service.

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