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Flanax - Naproxen Sodium 220mg - Flanax, an anti-inflammatory tablet crafted by a pharmacist, offers enduring pain relief throughout the day. Combatting arthritis, back pain, and muscle discomfort requires an anti-inflammatory, long-lasting solution. Flanax Pain Reliever Tablets ensure uninterrupted pain relief, containing naproxen sodium, a formerly prescription-only pain reliever known for its lasting effects. Each tablet, designed for safety and efficacy, provides sustained relief from minor aches and pains. With 220mg of naproxen sodium per tablet, it effectively addresses headaches, muscle aches, backaches, toothaches, minor arthritis, common cold symptoms, and menstrual cramps. Suitable for adults and children aged 12 and above, Flanax Pain Reliever Tablets enable you to embrace a pain-free lifestyle. Enjoy up to 12 hours of relief with each tablet, specifically targeting muscle and back pain while effectively alleviating arthritis discomfort.

Flanax - Naproxen Sodium 220mg. 24 Tablets

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