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GoodSense Non-Drowsy Tussin Mucus & Chest Congestion. A powerful solution to make your coughs more productive. Perfect for individuals aged 12 and over, this formulation helps loosen phlegm and thin bronchial secretions, promoting effective relief from mucus and chest congestion. Enjoy the benefits of a non-drowsy formula that keeps you alert and active throughout the day.

This gluten-free and alcohol-free Tussin Mucus & Chest Congestion ensures a worry-free experience. Plus, for your convenience, each bottle comes with a dosage cup, making it easy to measure and administer the perfect amount.

Choose GoodSense for a reliable and effective solution to tackle mucus and chest congestion without the drowsiness. Breathe easy and feel better with Non-Drowsy Tussin—your go-to for productive cough relief.

GoodSense - Non-Drowsy Tussin Mucus & Chest Congestion. 4oz

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