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GoodSense Tussin DM. Raspberry Flavor - A reliable choice for effective cough relief. Each 4oz bottle contains a formulation that mirrors the active ingredients found in Robitussin® Cough + Chest Congestion DM, ensuring you receive comparable relief at an affordable price.

GoodSense Tussin DM is specifically designed for adults, providing temporary relief from cough, chest congestion, and mucus. Ideal for ages 12 and over, this raspberry-flavored cough suppressant and expectorant make tackling respiratory symptoms a more pleasant experience.

Available in a convenient case count of 48 units, GoodSense Tussin DM is not just a cough syrup; it's your cost-effective solution for comprehensive cough and congestion relief. Choose GoodSense for quality, efficacy, and a touch of raspberry sweetness in every dose.

GoodSense Tussin DM. Raspberry Flavor. 4oz

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