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Neo G Ankle Support. REF 887 - The Neo G Ankle Support (REF 887) is designed to provide dynamic support and improve stability around your ankle joint, particularly during physical activities or for weak or injured ankles.


Here are its key features:

Figure-of-8 Strap: This unique strap design offers adjustable compression and a more secure fit compared to traditional ankle sleeves.

Targeted Support: Helps limit excessive plantarflexion (pointing your toes downward) and inversion/eversion (rolling your ankle inward or outward), which are common causes of ankle injuries.

Heat Retention: Made from neoprene, which helps retain body heat and may promote healing by increasing blood flow to the area. This can be beneficial for arthritic ankles or chronic stiffness.

Universal Sizing: One size fits most ankles and can be worn on either the left or right foot.

Multiple Applications: Suitable for supporting ankles during sports activities, occupational use where ankle stability is important, or for recovery from ankle sprains or ligament injuries.


This ankle support is a good option for those seeking additional ankle stability and support during physical activities or for managing pain associated with weak or injured ankles.

Neo G Ankle Support. REF 887

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