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Neo G - Arm Sling. REF 997 - The Neo G Airflow Breathable Arm Sling (REF 997) is designed to comfortably immobilize and support your arm and shoulder after an injury or during rehabilitation.


Here's a quick breakdown of its key features:

Breathable Fabric: Constructed from breathable materials for maximum comfort, especially important during healing.

Adjustable Support: Features straps and buckles that allow for a customized fit and desired level of arm immobilization.

Universal Design: Can be worn on either the left or right arm/shoulder.

Dual Purpose: Helps reduce stress on the shoulder joint and collarbone, promoting a comfortable healing position for soft tissue injuries.

Improved Alignment: May encourage proper joint alignment during recovery by stabilizing the forearm against the body.


This arm sling is a good option for those who need to immobilize their arm and shoulder following an injury or surgery, or for supporting the arm during rehabilitation.

Neo G - Arm Sling. REF 997

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