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Neo G - Back Brace. REF 890 - The Neo G Back Brace (REF 890) is designed to provide targeted support and pain relief for the lower back, particularly beneficial for those experiencing chronic pain due to repetitive activities.


Here's a quick rundown of its features:

Lower Back Support: Stays and adjustable straps work together to offer support and stabilize the lower lumbar region.

Reduced Movement: Helps limit unwanted or excessive movements that can aggravate lower back pain.

Heat Therapy: Durable neoprene material retains body heat, potentially aiding in pain relief for stiff, sore, or arthritic muscles.

Customizable Fit: Variable compression straps allow for a personalized fit and desired level of support.

Removable Insert: Provides additional lumbar massage and support during movement, which can help with muscle spasms.


This back brace is a suitable option for those seeking pain relief and support for everyday activities or chronic lower back pain related to work or exercise.

Neo G - Back Brace. REF 890

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