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Picot - Sal De Uvas. Sodium Bicarbonate Effervescent Power - Experience rapid relief from heartburn and associated discomforts with Picot Sal de Uvas. Formulated with sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, known for their effectiveness against stomach acid buildup, this product offers immediate relief. Enjoy your favorite foods without the discomfort of heartburn, thanks to Picot antacid packets. Easy to use, simply dissolve a packet in half a glass of water and follow the instructions on the packaging. If you're taking certain medications, consult your physician before using Picot to ensure compatibility. Keep a 8-count pack of Picot Sal de Uvas at home or in the office, so you're always prepared for discomfort. Our formula works best when taken at the onset of symptoms, providing great over-the-counter relief from heartburn!

Picot - Sal De Uvas. Sodium Bicarbonate Effervescent Power. 8 Pack

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