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Reliable 1 Vitamin D3 50mcg (2000 iu) - Discover Reliable 1 Vitamin D3 50mcg, meticulously crafted to support bone growth and enhance calcium absorption. Each small, easy-to-swallow softgel contains high-quality ingredients for optimal effectiveness. With 2000 IU per softgel and a premium formulation of 100 softgels, you can trust Reliable 1 Laboratories Vitamin D3 for superior bone health support. Invest in your well-being with confidence by choosing Reliable 1 Laboratories Vitamin D3.


Vitamin D plays a crucial role in absorbing calcium and phosphate from food, essential for maintaining bone and muscle strength, supporting immune function, and potentially aiding in the prevention of inflammatory diseases. There are two main types of vitamin D; vitamin D3 is known to be more efficient in the body compared to vitamin D2, offering superior utilization.

Reliable 1 Vitamin D3 50mcg (2000 iu) 100 Softgels.

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